New photos added

Umbelievable !!! 💙💜
The purple and blue “ATTINIA” brooch by GUALTI
on the CD cover, back and on the inner panels
of the new music project by “Like The Snow” !
Thank you very much Luca…
really honored ! 🙏🏻

Out today, May 23, 2023
on 13/Silentes - (S) Standa
Like The Snow
“Visions of a Dream Traveller”
CD, 6-panel digisleeve, ltd. 200 copies

A new work for the 'Like the Snow' project by Luca Mazzariol,
a remarkable Italian artist who in three years has put out
as many CDs of excellent music of difficult stylistic cataloguing,
among whose textures -
always strongly evocative and of great emotional impact -
alternate dreamy and romantic atmospheres,
passages with an epic and almost 'orchestral' pace,
eclectic rhythmic digressions
sometimes coloured by more distinctly electronic sounds,
delicate ambient stasis, descriptions of gloomy nocturnal landscapes
and moving 'sound stories' with a strongly cinematic imprint.
The present 'Visions of a Dream Traveller'
certainly stands at the apex of his production,
collecting in an album of exquisite workmanship, profound, exciting,
and at the same time of guaranteed 'enjoyability',
the best of what Luca Mazzariol has been able to conceive and put into music to date.
Simply a masterpiece, not to be missed.

If you want you can order the CD here :